Adapting to the School System in Canada

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As many newcomers to Canada, my family is living and adapting to a completely new system. I could write a Novel about it because the changes and the differences are gigantic when I compare Venezuela to my new Homeland Canada.

One of the most interesting new experiences, we have only being here for 7 months, is to participate and live with an education systems that works.

My husband and I spend the last three months of our life in Venezuela seeking and matching schools with houses that we could afford to rent. It was not an easy task, but it became one of the most important decision in which we had to involve the realtor.

Ontario, the Province we decided to start this new life, has a ranking information web site that is very accurate and precise about the schools progress or their academic references (Fraser Institute The realtor explained that there is a relation between the schools and why some houses are more expensive depending on the city they are located. This meant that the better schools, probably the higher cost of the houses.

For a newcomer this was totally new, especially if you come from a country were the school system doesn´t work (you have to literally fight to find a place in a school, public or private), and you have no idea if the teachers are well prepared for their job.

I know that money from the taxes everyone pays in Canada is the main reason schools work, but there are other political and social realities that make this one of the best Countries to study. Since I am used to ask questions and find information, I realized that  becoming a teacher in Canada requires more than just wanting to be one. This is one of the professions that requires some of the highest results from the tests high school students take to get into the University. It is also one of the most regulated professions in Canada. To practice this profession you need more than training because the regulations will require you to take courses every other year. Their work is well played, but mostly, they feel proud about their job.

By the time we chose the school, we found very well educated personnel, clean and updated equipment, appropriate space for the amount of children or teenagers that will use the facility, and mostly, a healthy environment.

In my experience, the adaptation process has been successful because of the kid’s everyday life. They have met other children that also came to Canada leaving behind family and friends, but have found a welcoming and inclusive land filled with a diverse culture and friendly neighbors.



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