Spanish Speaking Education Network (SSEN) and their 6th Congress of Education: STEM

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By Lucia Lecuna

Changes in this Digital era never seem to stop, scientist all over the world are constantly creating more and more devices to help people managing time and space with more accurate precision than ever.

The race began for Canada many years ago and taking part of this technology race keeps all Canadians close to the innovations that are getting in the market. It is just in time, and we are learning to enjoy the innovations and make good use of them. We are learning to think outside the box when it comes to planning our future.

Educators are now emphasizing the need for more professionals trained in the STEM professions, Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics). We need to be competitive as a nation and continue to adapt to the new challenges we face in the future.

The Spanish Speaking Education Network (SSEN), is a non-profit education promotion group founded in 2005, they are actively working within the Latin American immigrant communities, living in the GTA.  They recently announced their up-coming 6th Congress of Education, which will take place at the University of Toronto on November 8th; the focus of the congress will be on STEM.

Educators, principals, social researchers and local Toronto police representatives, will be promoting this Congress. The purpose will be to share the importance of Latin American Immigrants being pro-active and prepared to never lose the opportunity to be part of Canada’s technological future.

Esthela Cuenca, SSEN´s secretary and founding member, explained that, “The best way to help our children, and guarantee a better future for Canada and our Spanish Speaking communities, is through education. Canada is a country that has all the resources to help us to prepare for a competitive future, and we have to share the importance of education focusing on STEM with the families that will participate in this challenge”.

The cultural, professional and religious diversity that Canada offers is unique and is a great environment to learn and share; creating and leading with innovation.

In a city with over 5 million people, elementary school students and high school students are beginning to realize the importance of the preparation needed to help them succeed in the future.

There are several government programs that help low income families help their children to get through college or university. This is opening hundreds of possibilities to get them trained in one of the STEM sectors, hopefully one of their career preferences.

SSEN has been working alongside both parents and students helping them move towards the academic success of the community they represent.  They have been facilitating seminars, workshops and specialized programs for parents where they are becoming more active in their children’s education.

Canada has 18 Nobel Prices for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. Statistics show it rates 12° in the world for most Internet users worldwide (over 84% of the population). It´s considered 3rd in the world leading in Aerospace Research (Canada was the third nation to send an artificial satellite into space, after the Soviet Union and the United States of America).

The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and Canada is adapting.  Communities like SSEN will be on track helping this new generation to be part of the new era  through education and commitment.


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