A Person on the Road

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By Lucia Lecuna

I love planning, programming and having all figured out within a year or a decade. That is my ideal world, but not the real one. My reality made me get trained to be able to adjust to changes in a pace that was absolutely complicated and uncertain, almost every day.

In Venezuela, the country were I grew up, the last thirty years have been actively changing times. I will not give you all the details, because they will lead me to write about economics and politics, two words that should never be together but they are; but I can say that planning only worked for some gift list and dinner plans.

I have to acknowledge that I got very good at adapting and I consider myself as a very flexible person. So my comfort planning zone changed to the unknown reality. Flexibility has come to be absolutely necessary in the changing world we live in, especially in the international business fields.

Recently I finished a Scott Pilates course that will lead me to get my Instructor Certificate, something that I always wanted to do, since exercise has been one of my passions, and that. So, why would a journalist want to teach Pilates, since she has grown in a career in PR?

The extra income will sure help me, but I will do it because I enjoy teaching and I know this exercises really help people with back pains, posture problems and getting more strength in their stability muscles. Yes, I love finding health related information, sharing it and making it grow, but along the way, I have found that balance in my life requires extra activities that can actually complete the 24 hours a day with something more than sleeping.

My relaxing zone comes after work and after exercising. I love doing crafts too and I have a small business creating earrings, which gives me a great satisfaction too. Being a mom it’s actually my other professional career. And it may have uncertain moments too, but it’s a lifetime career.

One thing I would love to share: the road is now more different that it was for my parents or grandparents. To be certain about what’s going to happen in the next ten years it’s impossible. I know that more scientific developments, mobility and technology use, as well as social progress focused on equality and safety are going to impact the world we live in. I only hope nature holds on us as we get to reduce our impact on it.

Lucia Lecuna is a PR and journalist professional who has worked in the Global International corporate world. She moved in Canada in 2013 and joins several social justice organizations as a volunteer. She follows health organizations along the world and in Canada, finding her passion when new ideas and solutions help different communities. After years connected to the fitness and health business, she will include Pilates Instructor in her complementary professional profile.


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